How 3 Ecommerce Platforms Are Adapting to Your B2B Needs

How 3 Ecommerce Platforms

Each of these top 3 ecommerce platforms is constantly improving and the changes and modifications they have been making show the types of businesses they want to serve! Read this article and find out more!

 It is more than clear that different platforms are required in different situations and all of these platforms want to offer proper solutions that meet the needs of different businesses.

If you are looking for an ecommerce platform for your B2B business, you are at the right place. We have carefully selected ecommerce platforms with appropriate support and powerful tools, perfect for B2B purposes. Each of these ecommerce platforms is constantly improving and the changes and modifications they have been making show the types businesses they want to serve.

Here are the top 3 ecommerce platforms that are adapting to your B2B needs:

  1. AspDotNetStorefront – This ecommerce platform can offer you more affordable maintenance, improved security, usability improvements, and accessibility improvements. This company has invested their efforts in enhancing the technical framework and now they are releasing minor version updates almost every month. They are known for their improved security, they are PCI compliant which is quite important for businesses working through the PCI compliance process. This is a powerful solution for businesses that have basic content management needs and have certain demands that require ecommerce customizations.
  2. Kentico – This is an ecommerce platform that has addresses a lot of issues related to ecommerce platforms. They have established a partnership with UCommerce, and for customers who are looking for commerce options, UCommerce is here to help you out. This is great for situations with multiple currencies, multiple websites, multiple languages, and etc.
  3. Episerver – This platform is similar to the previous one, however, the difference is that Episerver offers a more technical framework, require less labor to integrate, it has an easier control for marketers, and it also has a higher price. This platform is focused on making better experiences for users. As a matter of fact, it has released new product offerings such as personalized search, personalized product recommendations, and email personalization. All of these features are included to create a positive user experience, and what is even more important with a minimum of maintenance time for your marketing team.

 Make sure to check out these ecommerce platforms and see whether or not they can meet your B2B needs and requirements.
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